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Кто мы?


People in Progress are light, complex, harsh, soft, quiet, loud, active and hyperactive, in a word, different, but there is something that unites us - charisma, common values and the desire for professional and personal growth.

People in Progress are progressive people!

Прогресс в цифрах

20 years

͠   3 000 000 € 

warehouse value

15 000 +

stock items

͠    2800 м2

production areas

in St.Petersburg and Krasnodar

͠   2 600

loyal clients


employees in St.Petersburg and Krasnodar

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Что делаем?

  • We hear and predict needs

    A personal approach to each request, free calculation and selection of necessary components, understanding of the production process and the implementation of integrated supply.
  • We solve technical problems of varying complexity

    Engineering search for solutions and their implementation in production, application of industry innovations and a constant exchange of knowledge with foreign colleagues.
  • We accompany each project

    From calculating the solution to delivery to the enterprise and further in the process of operation

Какая цель?

It is difficult to talk about the general goal without affecting the idea and key principles of the company.


The name of Progress itself defines its motion vector.

Technical progress
Search and implementation of relevant technical solutions
Social progress
The solution of tasks and achieving the maximum positive effect
Material progress
Achieving long-term cooperation

Such principles of work, first of all, are directed inward - self-criticism and a permanent search for optimizing ideas is the basis.

And then - an open dialogue with our partners - an exchange of views and knowledge. We are developing, and we are developing.

Our mission: Improving every mechanism - person, process, company.

Technical progressexperience, knowledge, professionalism
Social progressThe solution of tasks and achieving the maximum positive effect
Material progressspeed, efficiency, mutual benefit

Как работаем?

Solving the difficult - we achieve the best

For Progress, each client's task is a stage of self-development. Therefore, we found reflection of our mission in the Japanese concept of Kaizen management (Japanese 改善 Kaizen), which is based on continuous improvement and captures everyone - from the director to the ordinary worker.

Being a pioneer in Russia in introducing Kaizen philosophy for a production company in this field, Progress adapts and applies the lean manufacturing system (eliminating all types of losses) and its main tool - 5C (sorting, systematization, cleanliness, standardization, self-discipline).

It all sounds simple and even naive, but imagine the elimination of temporary losses of 5 minutes a day from one employee, for example, searching for the necessary roll of conveyor belt or paper for a printer in the office is 30 hours! working time per year, which can be spent on fulfilling an order or an urgent response to a client.

Novichenko Ekaterina
Commercial Director
Kaizen practice realizes a real focus on the client and his needs through his own development. We like this reciprocity!

Почему Прогресс?

Because we know what our customers need - “Quality, deadlines and price!” With a prompt and professional approach.
20 years of experience in solving complex technical problems
Direct deliveries and optimized delivery schemes
Own production and replenished warehouse
Convenient service and logistics
Flexible payment terms


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