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Почему Прогресс?

  • Каталог продукции | Продажа комплектующих для конвейерного оборудования - Компания Прогресс

    Качество. Альтернатива. Возможности.

    It is obvious to us that the quality of products largely determines the attitude of the manufacturer to their business - what materials are taken as a basis, what equipment and technologies are used, ease of interaction and receipt of goods. Our suppliers are primarily people who support our values. Therefore, “quality” is not just a word, but a really confirmed property! An assortment of about 3 million components supplied by Progress allows you to find the necessary spare part and find an alternative to existing components. In addition to the standard product line, many of our suppliers are ready to tackle unusual, unique requests and solve complex technical problems with the help of non-standard custom-made products. This opens up great opportunities for our partners.

    0.05% in 2017 claims of the total number of orders and 0.02% in 2018.
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    Первые руки в России

    The direct official supply channel is, first of all, reliability and reduction of additional costs. However, training the Progress team, sharing product knowledge and financial benefits for our partners are possible only with this type of cooperation. For this reason, Progress conducts relations with all suppliers on the basis of official representation, and exclusive representation of interests for the most significant positions.

    101 485 € received discounts for customers in 2018

    Каталог продукции | Продажа комплектующих для конвейерного оборудования - Компания Прогресс
  • Каталог продукции | Продажа комплектующих для конвейерного оборудования - Компания Прогресс

    «Нужно вчера!» или еще о сроках.

    “We need yesterday!” Our managers know firsthand. We understand that an enterprise is a living organism, people work on it, which means force majeure is possible. Urgent production and urgent delivery, even directly from the manufacturer, though not often in demand, however, the knowledge that in an unforeseen situation there is a high probability of avoiding “downtime” of equipment and losses at the plant inspires peace and confidence.

    In many ways, the implementation of urgent production is facilitated by our own warehouse space and a wide range of “in stock” products. And urgent delivery is ensured by well-coordinated logistics and close mutually beneficial cooperation with Progress suppliers.

    All standard-planned production and delivery dates are strictly regulated and are strictly followed. Timely delivery of components - largely makes the face of the supplier!

    In 2017: every 15th order is urgent; in 2018 - every 10th

Технические решения

Технические решения и новинки

Conveyor belts for rotor stamp, chains and modular belts for “running without lubrication” on the bottling line, belts for gluing - in total more than 40 ready-made solutions for specific sites in various industries.

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