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Company CHIORINO S.p.A. was formed in 1906 in the city of Biella, Italy. Today it occupies a leading position in the production of conveyor belts and flat belts.

CHIORINO products can be used in many industries, as well as individual processes:

  • Food industry;
  • Paper and printing industry;
  • Woodworking and logging industry;
  • Packing and packaging of products;
  • Baggage transportation at airports;
  • Textile industry;

Chiorino has a full production cycle and is constantly developing and improving technological processes, which allows to improve product quality.

Company Progress LLC is the official distributor of Chiorino in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the countries of the former USSR.

Сертификаты производителя:

Конвейерная лента Сhiorino в СПб.
Конвейерная лента Сhiorino в СПб.


PU conveyor belts

Single-layer and double-layer polyurethane tapes are recommended for use on small shafts and on knife spreads in various industries, especially in the confectionery industry in cooling tunnels and for general transportation, as well as in other industries where increased abrasion resistance and flexibility of tapes are required. Polyurethane tapes have a wide range of operating temperatures, a matte or glossy surface for transporting various products.

Conveyor belts made of cotton and felt

The warehouse program of Progress Company LLC includes cotton and felt tapes for the food and non-food industries. Most often, enterprises use tapes of these materials in those areas where the anti-stick properties of the conveyor are important - baking, cardboard production, transportation of rubber components (for example, tires).

Особые серии продукции

HP Polyurethane Conveyor Belts


  • HP polyurethane is a polyurethane with the addition of polyester;
  • The cord of such tapes is subjected to pre-stretching (similar to roller chains), so that the tape after installation has minimal stretching;
  • Before applying to the cord, the working layer of the polyurethane tape is also subjected to preliminary stretching in the autoclave, due to which less working stretching of the tape is achieved during operation on the conveyor;
  • High-strength connection of the cords with the working and inner layers of the tapes is achieved by impregnating the cords with a special adhesive composition;
  • The composition of the blue ribbons includes a special thermal paper that increases the heat resistance of the ribbons. The maximum possible operating temperature is 110C;
  • Due to their high flexibility, the HP series tapes can work on knife spreads with a diameter of 3 mm;
  • The side edges of the ribbons do not fade

Конвейерная лента Сhiorino в СПб.

Особые серии продукции

Food Duty Belts

The special Food Duty series of thermoplastic polyurethane is specifically designed for the food industry. These tapes are FDA certified, however, their technical specifications are significantly superior to standard PVC tapes and standard polyurethane.


  • absolute safety for the food product;
  • easy cleaning, resistance to damage from knives and scrapers;
  • the possibility of uninterrupted operation at temperatures of shock freezing (up to -30 ° Ϲ);
  • resistance to washing and contact with water without the use of a “sealed edge”;
  • 15% higher oil and fat resistance (in comparison with standard PVC and PU)
  • eliminates the possibility of contamination (infection) of the product through the fault of the tape

Конвейерная лента Сhiorino в СПб.

Особые серии продукции

Metal Detecting Tapes DET

Chiorino DET is a complete range of conveyor belts designed to transport food products. Special particles that make up the tape allow you to detect the presence of small fragments of tape in the product. The DET product line includes longitudinal (K6, K8, K10) and transverse (T40 and T50) profiles.

Конвейерная лента Сhiorino в СПб.

Особые серии продукции

CompactDrive - homogeneous and drive tapes

A series of seamless reinforced tapes - the ideal solution for sanitary and technical requirements

These tapes:

  • They have increased resistance to all treatment procedures and sanitization
  • Resistant to oils and fats.
  • Do not slip due to their design
  • Have a low degree of tension
  • Work in conditions of water getting on the conveyor
  • Easily adapted to the needs of production and modified for all types of conveyors
  • Work without vibrations and vibrations
  • Ideal for Z-shaped conveyors
  • Made in widths up to 2000 mm

Конвейерная лента Сhiorino в СПб.



  • 01 Unrivaled manufacturing experience and new developments

    Chiorino is one of the oldest manufacturers of conveyor belts and drive belts

  • 02 Continuity. Continuity. Constancy.

    Management of the company by family members since its foundation (1906)

  • 03 Genuine Customer Care and Environment

    The only company certified according to the EMAS standard (environmental standard). The company was the first to apply new compliance with EU 10/2011 food standards. Chiorino is constantly improving its processes, thereby reducing environmental pollution by-products. Chiorino conveyor belts comply with European and International Hygiene and Safety Standards (HACCP): EC 1935/2004, EC 2023/2006, EU 10/2011, FDA, USDA

  • 04 Quality and timely service

    Progress's warehouse program includes over 70 different conveyor belts made of polyurethane, PVC, cotton, felt and other materials. Progress organizes a full cycle of accompanying service - professional selection and competent logistics. It is possible to connect and repair tapes at the enterprise. Due to constantly improving production, Progress offers simple ribbons in 3-4 days, and complex ones in 5-7 days.


The roll material of Chiorino belts goes through all possible stages of processing at the Progress production - both the manufacture of simple belts according to the customer's sizes with various types of joints, and the production of complex conveyor belts - with partitions, corrugated boards, perforations, belts with longitudinal guides, rotary belts and much more.


Professionalism. Speed. Reliability.

Engineering selection, calculation, field trip for measuring, identification or connection of tapes directly at the Customer’s enterprise is carried out by a team of experienced Progress specialists.

Технические решения

Технические решения  и новинки

Unique technical solutions for various production sites

Конвейерная лента Chiorino на участке отводящих транспортеров

Условия эксплуатации конвейерных лент бывают разными, и иногда они приводят к быстрому износу материала по всей рабочей поверхности. Здесь расскажем о техническом решении, внедренном на производстве чипсов Lay's!

Пищевая лента, устойчивая к сильным нагрузкам

Компания Chiorino разработала уникальную ПУ ленту, устойчивую к нагрузкам роторштампа и не только! Верхний слой ленты и корд не изнашиваются от высоких нагрузок и лента работает в 2 раза дольше аналогов!

Инновационный материал HP для пищевых лент

Участок маслобрызга после печи на КДВ Павловский Посад. Условия эксплуатации лент приводят к их быстрому износу.

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